We offer accomodation in Transylvania’s dreamy city of Tirgu Mures.

♡This is our story♡

Vila Monica promises to deliver the authentic local experience through a warm and thoughtful approach towards each and every guest that chooses to spend a quality time in Tirgu Mures.

Tirgu Mures, located in the central area of Transylvania, is a city of great historical heritage, a symbiosis between Eastern and Western values,  a mixture between Romanian and Hungarian cultures, in which people of different ethnic backgrounds harmoniously coexist in an environment of openness and tolerance.


Comfortable. Our Bed&Breakfast is located in the city center, within a convenient walking distance from all major attractions.


Restful. Sometimes, all you need is a soothing sense of intimacy as to happily embrace the silence and enjoy the little things. You can relax and find your peace of mind at our place!

About Vila Monica

It is a family business with tradition and throughout the years since its establishment, it has continuously striven to ensure that clients are happy with the services provided. The establishment has a number of 9 rooms open for guests. Each and every room bears its own story and has been meticulously decorated as to emanate a specific feeling. Breakfast is put together every morning in the similar fashion of greatly valuing cultural distinctiveness, ingredients are bought from locals and most of the servings are home made, in accordance with traditional recipes.

Dorel and Maria came up with the idea of enhancing the local experience through providing not only quality accommodations, but also a touch of what Tirgu Mures traditionally represents. The business was founded in the first decade after the abolition of the harsh communist regime, baring in mind that, despite the tough political context, Romania’s city of Tirgu Mures is a worthy place to visit, being a quiet and safe environment with numerous attractions.

Husband and wife, the two owners are keen on celebrating tradition, dearly treasured as a core value of sharing the local experience. They themselves are a great expression of multiculturalism at its best, as Dorel is of Romanian descendence, while Maria shares mostly Hungarian roots.

Being a family business, the meals you may take are cooked with passion by the owners. Dorel is specialized in Romanian steak dishes, while Maria cooks the best soups and stews, being glad to share her Hungarian and Romanian recipes to those curious of the magic behind the great taste of her specialties.

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